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Dual Swinging 2 in 1 Units – Heavy Duty


A 2 in 1 unit is a barrier supplied with a hook on trough, use the following steps to find out what you need:

Size: Our 3 standard sizes are:
– 450 wide x 300 deep
– 600 wide x 300 deep
– 750 wide x 350 deep

Step 1. Decide which style of barrier suits you best – a diagonal feed fence, heavy duty yokes or horizontal adjustable rail version.

Step 2. How do you want it hanging? Is it to be a gate unit – to hinge from one end with slide bolts at the opposite end. Or do you want it dual acting – hinge eyes both ends, connected to lugs on the RSJ’s by a heavy duty rod. This allows the unit to be opened from either end. Or possibly a fixed unit?

Step 3. What size trough do you require? As standard the length would be the same size as the barrier, it is the width and depth that need to be confirmed.

Step 4. Do you want a timber/stokbord skirt on the barrier (optional extra) or are you allowing the back of the trough to act as the skirt (quoted as standard) ?

Step 5. Receive and hang your shiny new units.

Step 6. Step back and admire the reduced wastage and reduced time spent cleaning up food that had previously been pushed too far away for the cattle to reach.