BRAND NEW Ambassador Squeeze

After creating our newest fully hydraulic squeeze crush, the popularity has grown and grown for width variable crushes-capable of handling all sizes of animals.

As well as our flagship hydraulic squeeze crush - we wanted to offer a more affordable "width reduction crush" for people with lesser herd numbers but who still wanted practicality and safety this style of crush has to offer.

BRAND NEW FEATURES - Roll through backing up bar and TB access yoke. Stokboard clad sides

Based around our popular Ambassador crush, we kept the yoke the same but have redesigned the side rail and doors, incorporating our easy "pull open and slam shut" handles. The rear door has replaced by a manually operated sheeted sliding door.

The width is altered by our unique design operating wheel. This allow infinite adjustment from 750mm down to 300mm and once the width has been set - the animal cannot push the sides back out.

This is a general purpose cattle crush with fully adjustable neck yoke, width adjustable sides and is ideal for horned or dehorned cattle and calves

Suitable for breeds from 50kg up to 1000kg

N.B. Facility to add optional chin scoop, NO facility for foot trimming kit


Overall Length - 3000mm
Internal Width - 750mm to 300mm
Overall Width - 1100mm
Width (inc. sliding door) - 1780mm
Internal Height - 1720mm
Overall Height - 2135mm
Yoke Width - 130mm to 250mm
Weight - 520kg
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